Who Are We?

Dominusoft is a Norwegian company
that has been operating for years in Albania.

DOMINUSOFT, provides you a real working environment, where you deal with it in first sessions only with PRACTICE and PROJECTS

After achieving success in past two yeras in Software teaching, now DominuSoft offers Foreign Language courses at Dominus Languages, a portal created by our own students.

Dominus Language is a loading language training institute in Albania. At Dominus Language students will learn verbal and non-verbal skills, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary for 4 different foreign languages like German, Italian, English and French. But we can assure you that there are new languages coming soon.

All our teachers are highly qualified, they belive that learning should be fun as

"Words are the only that last forever".

What's our mission?

Our mission is to create an effective and supportive learning environment for each participant & our vision is to give quality service to each student by providing qualified Teachers.

What you will find in



Expert Teachers with several years of experience.


Foreign teaching methodologies.


Small classes, to ensure you the quality of teaching.


Comfortable and modern environments.


The most competitive rates in the market.

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